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We at DumakudeICT specialize in creating optimal solutions for your growing business. Starting a business can be daunting at times, but it does not have to be a headache. We can help setting up your IT business needs by intergrating your systems with internet-of-things, while you focus on your core business. We have a wide range of solutions from IT and helpdesk support, to mobile data 3G and wifi connectivity and even to assisting with software. The software we include in our care packages is for accounting and payroll systems.

One of the payroll/accounting systems we use is from Sage, this software has not only proved to be cost effective, but also very practical as it is accessible from wherever you may be. No need to download or install fancy apps. This is a mobile app which will allow you to quote/invoice or receipt your clients from any mobile device. All you would need is to have a secure internet connection, and then you are ready to go. The biggest advantage with such software is that it is affordable and can be used for any size business.

We will quickly help you setup your business details for the accounting and payroll system for your business. There is also a help line that is available to you 27/7 so that you will never be stranded. You will then be given the choice to either host the service yourself, or outsource the software through DumakudeICT. This is where we would take over and produce quotes/invoices/receipts and statements on your behalf, as well as handle your payroll system. We would load all your employees onto the system for setup and then you would just sit back and watch your system being handled for you.


DumakudeICT is a technology company that seeks to please its clients with I.T business needs. Our core focus is on the purchase of mobile data and providing it for our clients to use with their smart devices. We have partnered up with a few other suppliers who have come to help us in delivering this product. Such channel partnerships have been vital to the growth and functionality of our business.

We believe in the sharing of resources and exchange of information between client and business, to further help educate the environment on a digital platform. We do this by appealing to the youth, who are some of the biggest consumers of data due to things like social media, whatsapp, twitter and Facebook.

Those are just the few I mentioned as there are many other services that require data. These tools should not cost the youth (or anyone else for that matter) an arm and a leg to purchase. We provide some of the most competitive pricing on the market on both MTN and Vodacom network. Should you not be on any of these networks, we will still be able to connect you and all your devices to our products by introducing external devices, such as: mobile Wi-Fi devices. We believe highly in good customer service and aim to please you as a customer. Take the leap and let us do business together, because this is where people meet technology.


As much as we are an I.T and solutions company, we also Provide mobile data to clients, which has in its own right, become the new currency in this new digital country we live in. from social media to business connections, data is central to the functionality for all smart devices.  With the introduction of fibre technology, we now have access to some of the fastest internet connections in the world. This means no more downtime because of copper theft, and no longer being forced into long term binding contracts with service providers.