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We at DumakudeICT understand the value of 3G and mobile technology. we offer a cost effective solution for both business and individual clients for their data connection needs.

We at DumakudeICT also offer accounting and payroll solutions software. This service is available online and requires no further installation.

DumakudeICT provides I.T and data services such as mobile data packages, ADSL packages, and Fibre packages.


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We at DumakudeICt believe in partnerships that work. both in assisting our clients as well as to further expose our suppliers to our big network of technology leaders. Partnerships and internet-of-things play a big role in helping small business to develop at a faster pace, so that the small business can be able to play a bigger role to help get our youth employed. We have had a shortage of job opportunities in the industry and small-medium companies such as ours are able to help bridge the gap between big business and the consumers. the only way forward is together and we at DumakudeICT belive in empoyering the youth.

DumakudeICT continously strives to make the work for our clients a little easier. By outsourcing your I.T to us, your business could make a large saving because we would then take the hassle out of monitoring I.T equipment to us. Together with the new internet-of-things, we would then run your I.T business needs without interfering with your core business. Moving offices? No problem, we will help you migrate your technology equipment and set you up in your new premises in no time. By running an audit of the space you are in, DumakudeICT will be able to provide a cost effective solution for your business, big or small.

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