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Welcome to the home of technology. DumakudeICT and its consultants are well trained and qualified to sort out your I.T business needs and internet-of-things. From I.T solutions, to I.T and helpdesk support. ­

DumakudeICT has a list of qualified and effecient I.T proffesionals in our business, each ready to serve our clients to their every technology needs. we aim to impress in all technology areas.

DumakudeICT services range between I.T staffing solutions, helpdesk and support and even to the building of I.T infrustructure in and around Gauteng and surrounding areas.

Our work principles

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DumakudeICT provides I.T and data services such as mobile data packages, ADSL packages, and Fibre packages. We believe in providing non-binding services and no long term binding contracts. We are upfront with our services and expect no unforeseen costs to our customers. Our service is guaranteed to work efficiently and help your business achieve the goals that were set out by working with us at DumakudeICT.


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Ever since the turn of the 21st century, DumakudeICT has been growing at a very fast pace due to the advacement of technology in various industries. one of these new and exciting technologies was the introduction of Fibre optic cable. it is a much faster, cost effective and reliable technology, in comparison to its predeccesor(ADSL). Many companies have taken it upon themselves to equip their companies with this technology. it is fast and hardly no down-time as it does not rely on the old copper infrustructure.